This project's goal is to try to systematize local taxi pricing data globally and to provide taxi fare estimates as accurate as possible.
Use our Taxi Fare Calculator to calculate a projected fare for your next taxi ride, or simply check out taxi prices by location.

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Fare estimate examples

  •   Wytheville to Pulaski   9 mins ago
  •   Marion to Pulaski   11 mins ago
  •   Acapulco International Airport to Hotel Princess Mundo Imperial   26 mins ago
  •   Apple Grove Lane to Main Street   36 mins ago
  •   Dunellen to Warren   40 mins ago
  •   Littlestown to 38 N Duke St   41 mins ago
  •   Svingeln to Transistorgatan 17   47 mins ago
  •   Preston Drive to Fredericton International Airport   1 hour ago
  •   6200 Estero Blvd to 2500 Main St   1 hour ago
  •   Hotel Wheeling WV - Market Street to Wheeling Island   1 hour ago
  •   Holiday Inn Petersburg North- Fort Lee to Fort Lee   1 hour ago
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Taxi classification

Taxi services are just about everywhere in 2020: each with a different rider capacity, a different cost, and a different purpose. We classified the most common taxi services into 5 classes, though not all services listed on this page are available in every city:
  • ECONOMY Class. Example: UberStart. Economy cars are typically compact sedans like the Daewoo Nexia and similar.
  • STANDARD Class. Example: UberX. Standard cars - regular sedans like the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord.
  • COMFORT Class. Example: UberSelect. Comfort class service usually seats up to 4 riders in cars of premium brands. Audi A6 and similar.
  • XL Class. Example: UberXL or UberVan. Seats 6 passengers. Cars are SUVs and minivans. Usually costs like Comfort.
  • BUSINESS Class. Example: UberBlack. Typically luxury sedan or luxury SUV. Mersedes E-class and similar.

Taxi pricing formula

Travellers frequently ask how much it will cost to take a taxi from point A to point B.
The most common formula for calculating taxi fare is as follows:

Your Taxi Fare
= Initial Fee + (Cost per minute * time in ride) + (Cost per mile or km * ride distance)