Taxi fare from Nîmes to Arles

Remember that below taxi fares are based on estimated Taxi Rates in Nimes. How much you'll be actually charged for your ride between Nîmes and Arles may vary due to the time of the day, tolls, road & weather conditions, inaccuracy of collected pricing data, etc.

This taxi fare from Nîmes (Nîmes, France) to Arles (Arles, France) was estimated 444 days ago.
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Average fares by taxi class


Toyota Camry and similar.

Approx. examples:
Uber X,

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Initial Fee: 2.40 EUR
Cost of travel time: 16.00 EUR
Cost of distance : 61.34 EUR

Total taxi fare
estimated average:
~ 79.74 EUR

Distance & time

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Taxis from Nîmes to Arles

To get from Nîmes to Arles, the following taxis are available:

    UBER  website  

Uber fares below are the same as you would see via the Uber app.

54-73 EUR
~15 min away  

Q & A

Travel time from Nîmes to Arles?

Travel time by taxi is approximately 40 min to get from Nîmes to Arles.

Distance between Nîmes and Arles?

The road distance between Nîmes and Arles is 22.42 miles (36.08 km).